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Michaels Haul - #1

I won't post any of my previous Michael's Hauls because you can just visit my Facebook page (here) to see them. I will, however, share the most recent on from two weeks ago when I was passing through Saskatoon to visit some family. This was definitely the most expensive Michaels trip I've had thus far, the cheapest was a little over $200. But here's everything I bought and some things that came in the mail in the last week!

Four washitape dispensers, need the ones that stack on top of them! I'll share my washitape collection at the end of this post! A carousel for my desk. I'll share what I store in it, in a future post!

Foam adhesive squares, Zots glue dots and a bunch of Hello Kitty things for my penpals!

More washitape...of course! So in love with the camera's and film strip tape!

Jon (my boyfriend) found the middle moustache stickers, and my sister helped me find the other two. Jon also found the owls and I found the cute cameras! I hope to use the moustache's for various father's day cards and various funny cards like "I *moustache* you a question" and then have something adorable inside! The moustaches on the far right are fuzzy which is why I love them so much.

Top left: Martha Stewart trifold 36" x 24" cutting mat, metal ruler, fuzzy peaches (my fave), flower punch, and a flowered photo box.
Top right: Martha Stewart 12" score board, embossing tool kit and wide tip glue pen. Scotch tape gun and Fiskars cutting blades for my paper slicer.
Bottom left: Titanuim blade scissors, lined post it notes, 24 UHU glue sticks and ink for my printer (from Staples)
Bottom right: Large and small white button brads, black eyelets, small and large black button brads.

Aside from washitape, I'd have to say my other crafting weakness would be stamps. If anyone wants to see any of them better, simply let me know! (I had to get this off my Instagram since I accidentally deleted the original). The little square sets in the middle, were from the sale bin.

And of course, more stamps! Finally got my hands on the snail mail stamp that I've been eyeing since I started penpalling. The top left stamp (you plus me equals love) was one I saw my card idol use! So excited to use it for next years Valentine's Day cards. And of course a map of Canada! Somewhere I also have a "Canada Pride" stamp which I love using on my snailmail envelopes!

And that concludes my Michael's haul. However, I got some things in the mail that Jon ordered online for me. They arrived in the mail shortly after we got home.

Washitape from the Freckled Fawn grab bag sale. Which I was really excited about. You can visit their website (here) and keep in mind that they sell a lot more than washi tape!

This was my washitape collection (including a few duplicate rolls featured on the right above the orange chevron) before I got the ones featured a little further down the page. I know it's kind of got out of hand. When Jon counted it at this point, I had 100+

These are the beautiful stamps I ordered from Scrapbook Daily Deals. They post a new deal every day, you can visit their website (here)

I got these papers from Peachy Cheap (I think). They work similarly to Scrapbook Daily Deals. One deal every day, and only for a limited time. You can visit their site (here)

These may have come from either Peachy Cheap or Scrapbook Daily Deals (Can't remember). They basically run from the same place, so it doens't matter. But I love how perfect they are for Project Life (I'll talk more about it another time).

And more washitape! These loves came from Peachy Cheap and my favourite is the roll in the top left corner. It's got the days of the week on it, which would be perfect for a planner or Project Life!

And that's all the lovely craft supplies that I've gotten in the last couple of weeks (aside from the stamps post the other day!)

Have a wonderful day loves!


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