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Good afternoon lovelies! I've been rearranging my desk and all my supplies to try and find a place for everything  that works best for me. But at the same time, I'm looking for more practical ways to store everything.
One thing that has stayed the same since "The Grand Tour" post, is the drawers on my large desk. I decided that the most practical thing for them, was to put things I use on a regular basis in them, without weighing them down too much. That being said, all my paper is stored elsewhere, but has also been moved since The Grand Tour. The top of my desk has also been rearranged a couple times, and will be changed again I think.

In the bottom drawer, I have all my handmade envelopes. The two rows on the left are wallpaper envelopes sorted by texture/pattern. To the right of those is a row of magazine envelopes made from Seventeen Magazine. To the right of those are Warhammer envelopes made from the magazine White Dwarf. Jon is a huge Warhammer enthusiast and recently subscribed to the White Dwarf. Once he read them, he gives them to me and has me make them into envelopes. He intends to send Christmas cards and Birthday cards to his friends in them. I think it's wonderful that our hobbies have overlapped a little bit!

In the drawer above that, I have wallpaper pieces that I chose not to use for envelopes for various reasons. The white ones on the bottom of the pile are "paintable" wallpaper. So I'm looking for something else that I could use them for. Some suggested testing out different kinds of paints on them and covering journals/notebooks with them. If anyone has any ideas that would be great! I also have a package of tissue paper, which will be used for tissue paper flowers in a later post. Once this wallpaper is used up, this drawer will hopefully be used for my always growing acrylic stamp collection.

In the drawer above that, I have a giant mess currently. I need to get drawer dividers, or more shoe boxes of varying sizes. What I have in here is a mixture of everything that I use on a regular basis, and thins I just wanted to get out of my old desk. In the box on the left I have all my foam squares, tape, Zots, cutting blades for my knife and paper slicer. I have a couple glue sticks, refills for my tape gun, and a few other adhesives I don't use very often. Above that I have tacks, post it notes and all my glue sticks. I also have my old tape gun that my mom got me for Christmas. In the middle I have all my punches and my circle cutter. Above them are my glue sticks for my glue gun, my glue gun, and my heat gun. On the right is a box of all my glitter. There is also a set of alphabet stamps that I've had since I first started scrapbooking.

The arrangement of my top drawer has changed a little bit since this photo, but the things in it has stayed the same. I have all my cricuit cartridges (not many), cutting mats, tool kit, scoring boards, hole punch, ink and mounting blocks, and my stamp cleaner in this drawer. A lot of what I use on a regular basis is stored in my carousel, but these items won't fit and so I store them here.

I'm slowly getting myself organized now that I have enough storage space for all of it. Tomorrow I'll show you all how I store my paper stacks now! I must admit though, the idea wasn't mine but I wish it was!

Have a wonderful Monday everyone!


Robin said...

That is so awesome..after I move I want to be that organized

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