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Happy Birthday

For whatever reason, when it comes to making cards lately, I get stuck. But I recently made some birthday cards I'd like to share. They were inspired by ones I saw on Pinterest, but are different in some ways.
Each card is also a great way to use up some of those scrap pieces you have from other cards. Which is what I used for every one of them! It's one way to clean out your scraps box!

This first one is the first one I've made using my bicycle stamps. I believe I got them at Michaels for those of you interested in picking up some! I also used my Martha Stewart circle cutter to cut the circle for the bike and the navy circle behind it.

This one, I hate now. I struggled with the twine because it ended up being too long then too short, then it wouldn't stay in place. I used a glue pen to secure the twine to the card. I secured it at the bows and in the middle, and now I wish I had secured it all the way across.

After I made the first one, I wanted to make more of it. but I lost my "d" stamp and birthday was too long in the capital lettters, so I had to change the bottom font (after I'd already put the happy down, of course). Then after I took this photo, I fixed up birthday and filled in all the light parts and made it look better.

With a couple of the left over banner pieces I made this card, which was inspired by a Father's Day card. They had the ties where I have the banners. I actually love this card so much! I might make even more of it!

That's all I've made recently, aside from a few failed Father's Day cards. I only need to make 2 of them by Sunday, and I can't even make one. Hopefully tomorrow goes better!

Have a wonderful day loves!


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