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Stamps, Stamps, Stamps

I got my stamps from Peachy Cheap in the mail today! I was super excited to get them. I almost forgot that I had ordered them, but I'm glad I did. They're ideal for scrapbooks or Project Life.

Here's a photo of all three, I took closer photos of each set so you could see them better.

I like the detail on these, and that there's a little space on the two on the right to put little notes. 

I love the box on the right. You could use it for anything. It would be great for small to do lists or little notes.

I bought a few Stampin' Up stamps a couple months ago that were corner stamps. They're so handy! Sometimes you just want to put the sentiment on the corner.

That's my stamp haul from yesterday. I have a bunch more things coming in the mail from both Peachy Cheap (here), Scrapbook Daily Deals (here). Every once in a while Pick Your Plum (here), has scrapbook supplies, but they also have a variety of amazing non-crafty things that pop up on their daily sale. Definitely worth checking out all three of them!

If you know of any other websites with cheap craft supplies that ship to Canada, I'd be more than happy to take a look at them!

Have a wonderful day!


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