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Scalloped Paper Flowers - Tutorial

I know I said I'd show you around my craft space first, however it's a huge mess right now. I need to put things away first. So, until that happens, here's a paper flower tutorial instead.
It's so simple I have no idea how I didn't think to try it myself. I discovered this through a video tutorial I stumbled across on Pinterest. It didn't have sound, and from what I could see, she did things a little differently. She misted her scalloped circles beforehand and then scrunched them and let them dry. I just used patterned paper and saved myself a step.
These flowers are a super easy way to get rid of some scrap papers, or use up that box of scalloped circles that have been piling up. I love these so much that I'll probably have a box of paper flowers by the end of the week.

Alright, here's what I used, you can use any variation of these things, and at the end, I'll share another set I made with a little flower punch :)
1 1/2" Scalloped circle punch
Scrap of paper (any size will do as long as you can get 4-6 circles from it)
Piercing tool (I just used the one from my Cricuit Tool Kit)
And one brad per flower you want to make.

 Start off by punching your circles. I use 4, but for added fullness you could use 5 or 6 circles.

Crumple your circles individually. If you're making multiple flowers you can crumple them all at once and go from there. You can also mist your circles lightly with water to make them easier to crumple. A few tutorials I've seen suggest this to make them easier to work with and when they dry they hold their shape better.

Gently uncrumple your circles and stack them together. Then take your piercing tool and pierce a whole through the centre of all of them. Insert your brad into the whole you just created and secure.

Crumple your circles (one layer at a time) starting with the top circle. Crumple them towards the centre around your brad.

Once all the circles have been crumpled around your brad begin to pull them out from the centre starting with the bottom layer, until you are happy with the look of your flower.

Tada! You either have a mess of crumpled circles, or a beautiful flower. I've included a link to the video tutorial I found, for those of you who would like to use it as well.

- Alex

*NOTE: don't hesitate to try with different patterns in one flower, different colors, different sized circles, etc. do whatever you have to to make it feel more 'you'.


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