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Calgary Trip Recap

I had a wonderful weekend! It was sort of relaxing, but it was also really nice to see Nathan, Terri and their daughter, and Mike. It was nice to try a few different things this weekend as well.

Friday morning I woke up to Jon's dogs looking at me from the top of the stairs. They were waiting patiently for someone to come upstairs and let them outside. So adorable.

After we ran into work for an hour, Jon wanted to rinse the car off. Despite being at work for an hour, we still managed to get out of town at the time we had originally wanted.

Our snack on the trip were the new Lays flavours. The only one we managed to try was Grilled Cheese and Ketchup. They were okay. Nothing too special. It tasted like BBQ and Cheddar combined.

Halfway-ish into our trip, we hit a little construction on the bridge. Luckily the wait wasn't terribly long, and it didn't impact the trip time at all.

We made it to the city in good time, then programmed the GPS for Jon's friend's store. We had some fish to drop off with him, and ended up running into Nathan and Terri there as well, which was super awesome.

Here's the Calgary tower. We had planned to stop there during the trip, but ended up not having time. Maybe next trip! The view of the city is amazing from up there.

Not too far from his friend's store, we saw this. It's supposed to be a Bud Light bottle, but of course neither of us saw that when we looked at it. We also saw some pretty interesting people driving through the city. One guy was wearing a really heavy sweater, it was +30 degrees Celsius.

At Jon's friend's store we picked up some new boardgames. This one here is Tsuro of the Seas. We also have the original Tsuro which is really fun. This one is a lot more complicated (but also super fun). We also picked up Pandemic, Small World and a bunch of Small World expansions.
We picked Terri up after she finished her tattoo a couple of stores down from where we were, and we headed to Taste of Calgary to meet up with Nathan and their daughter. I tried bubble tea, something with octopus in it (terrible), and some amazingly delicious steak bites from Canadian Brew House. After we finished up there, we went to Nathan and Terri's house, and from there we walked to the park that was hosting Global Fest.

This isn't a very good picture, but above the tents/toilets, was a hill packed full of people. It seems that almost every single person was sitting over there. Just before the fireworks started, all you could see were people.

Jon stood in line for 20 minutes just to get some fresh mini doughnuts. It was definitely worth it. They were amazing! Especially when they were fresh and still warm.  

Saturday we went shopping, and then watched Roller Derby. Nathan and Terri were refereeing both games, and they got us tickets to watch. 

Of course I loved their stamp. I thought it was hilarious.

Jon bought some homemade red velvet cupcakes from one of the ladies with a booth. He also bought two t-shirts and an apron. After derby, we went out for a late dinner at Rush. It was amazing.
Sunday we went for Dim Sum, and that was interesting. It was the first time I'd ever had Dim Sum, and some of the food didn't taste very good, but I had a good time! After Dim Sum we went back to Jon's friend's store and he played a game of Warhammer while I read my book. Then we headed back to the hotel and just hung out and relaxed.


Monday morning, we got up stopped by a little stationery and party supply store. It was so cute and pretty! Definitely want to go back there sometime. After that we headed to Ikea, where we had breakfast (above) and looked at things for the house. Picked out some fixtures, and a bed frame. So excited to move!

On the way home, we had a bee stuck in the window wiper. It was still alive, but couldn't get free. He ended up dying when Jon sped down a straight stretch of highway. Poor bee.
We managed to get home in good time, despite stopping for construction three times.
I'll share my shopping haul tomorrow.
Have a good day!


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