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Thank You

For some reason, I have a limited number of thank you cards. Maybe it's because I never have a reason to use them, and when I do, I never have one. So I made some using the left over paper from my celebrate card the other day.

This card was inspired by a graduation card I made, but instead of putting the sentiment across the top, I put it on the bottom, and put ribbon across the top.

I combined stamps from different sets to create this custom thank you stamp. I stamped it all in black to tie in the ribbon, and keep the card from being too bright.

I cut the strips in different lengths and widths and layered them starting with the orange one. Then slightly overlapped the pink one, then the blue and finally the floral one.

I tied the ribbon in a knot to add some visual interest to it. All the strips are lined up at the top.

Last but not least, the side view of the completed card, and a glimpse at the giant mess that is my desk.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday, I'd love to see your projects, both cards and other. Feel free to e-mail them to me any time!



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