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A Note of Thanks

Today I have another thank you card. I always seem to need a thank you card and never have one on hand, and by the time I do make one, it's too late to send it out anyway. So for the next few card posts, it'll probably be thank you cards in some form or another.

I wanted to make this card bright and fun. I first chose the paper at the top and found colours to match it. I wanted to make sure that none of the patterns were repeated or too similar, so I chose from a variety of paperstacks.

I cut the bottom strip an inch shorter than all the rest so I could fit my sentiment on the bottom. You could trim all your strips to be the same length, or turn your card to sit horizontally and have a longer sentiment across the bottom.

I used crochet cotton instead of twine. All my twine limited me to one colour and white. I wanted it to be neutral so I used a simple white and tied it in a bow. If I'd had wider white ribbon, I might have used that instead, but I like that this ties it all together.

Of course we can't forget the side view. Everything on this card is attached to the card. Nothing sticks off except the string. I love how simple it was to make. It opens from the top and measures 3 3/4" x 5 1/2".

Just a note that starting Monday, the blog will have a new URL. I've changed everything, including my Facebook page to Alexandriarose Creations instead of Creations by COAL. The new blog URL will be My Instagram name has also changed for those of you who follow me there. It's now alexandriarosee_

Have a wonderful weekend!


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