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Good morning loves! Sorry this is a little late, I had to run into work this morning, and didn't get a chance to post this last night. The blog got a facelift yesterday! I couldn't be happier with how it looks, unless maybe I had a custom blog template. One day I might! But until then I love the one I have now.

A good friend of mine and Jon's recently became a part of a large Youtube channel, and since we're going to visit her and her family next week, I thought that we should take her a congrats card. She worked really hard on this, and the way she explains Warhammer stuff, I actually find it interesting. We're both really happy for her, and so I grabbed all my paper supplies and started making a card.

I made this card using some scrap pieces I had laying around. I used my 1" Martha Stewart Scalloped Circle punch to punch out all the circles. I also used my Martha Stewart congratulations stamp and border.

I adhered the congratulations with foam squares, over top of the string I ran around the card. I trimmed close to the stamp border because I loved the shape.

The circles were glued flat onto the cardstock. I tried to evenly space them for a cleaner look.

Once I finished the card, I realized that it was a beautiful piece of work. It just wasn't nerdy enough for her. Now I'm working on another card, which will hopefully fit her personality a lot better than this one would. The great thing is that I can still use this card for something else though!

Have a great day everyone!


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