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Washitape Wednesday

Happy Washitape Wednesday loves! I found something similar to this on Pinterest, so I made a few of these. I don't know many people who send a card "just saying hello", but people obviously do. I see this card as being something one would send in the mail.

I'm considering removing the gems. I feel it makes the card too sparkly. It wasn't intended to sparkle. I rounded opposite corners to keep the card from looking too square. 

I tried to line up my washitape as well as I could, but you can still tell that it's two pieces. You could always intentionally leave a small gap between the strips, or use a wider tape or even a patterned paper.

The side view of the card. I love how it looks from this angle. I also love that I finally made a card that didn't have a white card base. It's been so long since I made something that wasn't white. I'll be adding a white panel to the inside to make it easier to read/write inside.

Have a wonderful Wasshitape Wednesday. Don't forget to submit your washitape projects to Tiffany over at Crafting a Fairytale

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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