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Multiple Pocket Photo

Good morning! Hope You're all having a wonderful week. On Friday I'll share my completed album from my Vancouver trip, but today I'll share how I made my multiple pocket pictures.

I've seen similar things in other people's posts about their albums, but it took me until I started planning my album to figure out how they did it. You just get the photo printed large enough to fit in all the pockets and crop it accordingly.

This is the first page of my album. I knew I wanted to start it off with a group photo (I used a lot in this album). 

I chose this photo. I ordered it at 8" x 12". The space is only 6" x 12" so I had to trim it down accordingly.

On the back of the photo, I drew the lines to cut on. I cut two inches off the bottom, and the rest was cut into 3" x 4" photos to fit into the pockets.

I chose to cut the bottom off because no one cares about our legs, but we love the view!

Some of our faces were cut up a little bit, but it still looks good. 

I did another one with this photo of the bridge. This one turned out the best, partly because no ones faces were cut into four. This is one of my favourite photos from the trip. I can't wait to share the rest of my mostly simple album.

Have a wonderful day!


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