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Rosette Wall Art

As promised last week, here's my post about my rosette wall art. I spent two days scoring, cutting, folding and gluing all of these together. Never again. I couldn't lift my arm by the time I'd finished. Even scoring on the second day was hard on my shoulder. But I've finished it and it looks beautiful!

Looking at it laying on my kitchen floor, I wish my wall was covered in wood. But this is my rosette wall art. I worked so hard on it and it didn't turn out quite how I wanted it to, but I'm still happy with it. I love the colors and patterns.

First up we have one with a more green colour. It goes beautifully with the colours of our living room. I also love the floral pattern on it.

This black and white one is the exact same as the white and black (they're just opposites). I chose them to add more contrast to the overall palette.

This is a yellow-y beige. I added this pattern to tie it all together without overpowering the other colours. IT also matches the colour of the walls in the living room.

This paper tied into the beige-y colour of the first pattern, and I needed more rosettes.

Here's the one that started it all. This is the colour of the blankets we have on the couches (they're white so we put blankets on the seats to keep them white). It's such a beautiful colour.

I also made some silver, gold & black ones for New Years Eve and hung them in our kitchen.

I made two of the one on the left, and hung the one on the right in the centre. 

This paper is silver and white, but its hard to tell unless its reflecting the light.

The small one in the centre is not reflective, but the other two are gold and white.

Here's a better picture of the gold and white catching the light. Everyone thought they were beautiful!

I'd love to see what you do with your rosettes! E-mail your photos to

Have a great day!


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