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Merry Christmas

This year, I sent out three different Christmas cards. A handful of friends got one, half my penpals got another and the other half got another. They're similar, they're just not all as close to the same as I wanted them to be, but that's okay.

This is what I wanted all my cards to look like. Unfortunately, I only made 6 of the trees, and couldn't find all the other ones I had cut out before we moved. I also hate glitter so I didn't want to make more of these.

Instead I found a cute little tree stamp, and used gold ink to stamp trees onto the remaining cards.

These cards I left just like this because I felt the yellow paper was too busy to stamp on top of it.

Unfortunately, I didn't have the supplies or the time to make any other Christmas cards this year, but now that I have a bunch more Christmas stamps and Christmas paper, I might start now and make a bunch of cards for next year.

Hope you all got your cards out on time, mine went out just before New Year's.


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