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Hugs & Kisses - Valentine's

This was one of my favourite cards that I made last year for Valentine's Day. It was inspired by one I found on the Michael's Pinterest. I improvised it a little bit, and made this lovely card.

 This card is very pink, and girly. I selected the papers for this one very carefully. I wanted them to go well together without being too monochromatic. I think I got the perfect balance.

The ribbon hides the seam between the solid pink piece on the top, and the lighter pink piece on the bottom. The circle with the & on it was tripped on one edge and adhered with a foam square.

I used varying lengths and widths of paper for the banners. I didn't want two strips to be the same. I stamped the sentiment with brown ink.

Here's a side view of the card. This card measures 4 1/4" x 5 1/2". I've used a similar style on other cards that I've made.

Do you usually buy your significant other a store bought card, or do you purchase/make a handmade card for them? Personally, I love handmade cards, but because I make them, my family feels it would be weird to buy one of my cards only to give it right back to me.

Have a wonderful day!


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