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Nuts About You & I Heart You - Valentine's

Valentine's Day is coming up. Instead of making new cards (partly because I hate the holiday), I'm going to sell the a few I made last year. I'll stamp something cheesy inside and lower the price a little bit.

Today I'll share two, and on Friday I'll share two more. I have to work the next few days and due to a lack of inspiration, nothing crafty has been created this week. I did however work at reorganizing the craftroom a little bit, so hopefully photos next week!

Everything on this card was made using one of my Cricut cartridges. I think it was the Create a Critter.

Here's a side-view of the card. It only measures about 4" x 4".  I suppose I could have made it larger and embellished more, but I'm a simple person (or boring, depending how you look at it). 

I used red ink on the edges. The red is layered on top of the white.

The letters on this one was cut from the Cricut as well. I think it was also from the Create a Critter.

The red striped paper is layerd ontop of the black. 

Here's a side-view of the card. This one only measures 5" x 4" or so. I had to make a couple of them smaller so they would fit into the holders that work bought for me to put them into.

Definitely not some of my best work, but last year Jon decided that I should sell cards at work. These were made a week before Valentine's Day, which I consider to be a Hallmark holiday, and insisted that Jon refrain from getting me anything. He does so much for me throughout the year, that I don't need him to spend ridiculous amounts on overpriced chocolate and flowers simply because society says he should.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day. Only another month until the most pointless of holidays, though if you do enjoy it, I apologize if I offended you in anyway. I'll try and get something new and crafty made for next week, but my entire schedule has been off since Christmas and it's taking a while for me to readjust to working and sleeping later than usual.



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