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Make Every Day a Scrapbooking Adventure - An Inspiring Video

Good morning! Unfortunately I left Wednesday evening for my Great Grandma's funeral on Thursday so I'm not able to create anything for this post, but before I left I came across this video. I shared it on my Facebook page, in all of the Project Life groups I'm part of, I shared it with my friends and anyone else who wasn't annoyed by my spam to ignore it.


I feel like this video from Shimelle Laine, needs to be seen by the world. She shared it in 2011 and I just stumbled across it this week. The first few minutes were the most inspiring for me. I want to be able to scrapbook the everyday without feeling like no one will care about it. I include all kinds of things from food to TV shows, to books and movies, to where we went that week, things that happened at work, dirty dishes, laundry and our dirty house. In 50 years I'll look back and probably think "wow those were obviously simpler times. Remember when we had that whole summer off during the renovations at work?".

I scrapbook because I want to remember, and be remembered. When I die, they may just throw out all my albums, but at least someone would have looked at them and known who I was and that I documented all this for them. I see my mom, who just keeps all her photos on her computer, and no one ever looks at them, and it breaks my heart. I don't want to try and scrapbook them when she dies. Most of those I have little to no memory of.

One goal in my life would be to get more of my family into scrapbooking their memories. I have a few albums on the go, one for my Grandma and the trips her and my Grandfather took when my aunt (their youngest) was still in highschool. Now that my Grandfather has passed away (quite a while ago) I want to get their memories down before my Grandma passes away. I also want to do a heritage album for my dad's side before his mom passes away. Ideally I'd do a Heritage album for both sides, but it's a matter of time, which we never have enough of. Enough of my long winded-ness. I'll end here and see you all on Monday. Have a great weekend!


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