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Project Life | Week 29

Today I'm sharing week 29. More photos this week, less crafty projects. Still Studio Calico cards. I have quite the stash I'm trying to get through, but I'm apparently not using enough of them!
Left side; It's getting close and closer to his sister's wedding and we can all feel the pressure building. Meanwhile, a couple of new flowers bloomed in the back flowerbed. I snapped photos to ask my gardening partner about them. The orange one is a type of Lily and the purple one is bluebells. Our watermelon had a face too ripe to eat. Shoe shopping online and trying to decide if I wanted white or black shoes.

Right side; It finally rained a bit. After a summer with almost no rain, we finally got some. I love that it made everything green again! I finished painting my file cabinet. Of course I didn't take any before, or during photos, but I have a nice white file cabinet and that's all I care about. I had several layouts in the works at this time, and continually left them sitting out on my desk in the hopes that I'd work on them. The bottom ones were finished, but the navy ones are all works in progress.

Thanks for coming by to see this spread. I'll be back on Wednesday sharing another project.
Have a great day!


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