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Week In The Life | Friday

Today I'm sharing my Friday pages from my Week in the Life album. Some of my favourite photos from the entire week were taken on Friday, particularly the rain on the window in both of the 6x8 photos for this day. I also have a 6x8 photo of my sister sleeping that makes me laugh.

The 9 on the "loving it" card is because we woke up at 9. It was nice to sleep in one day this week.

The "top ten" card came in the kit, and I immediately knew I wanted to document the top 10 songs from this week. It fit in here because driving home we heard the top 10 songs. Some of them we heard through most of the trip, and laughed about.

I hadn't planned to print this photo as a 6x8, but I wanted to print the rain photo on the other side at 6x8, so I printed this one larger as well, and my sister thinks it's funny that I love this photo so much.

That's it for Friday. I'll be sharing Saturday pages on Wednesday next week.

Have a great weekend!


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