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Week In The Life | Wednesday

Today I'm sharing a TON of pages that I put in for Wednesday. I took a lot of photos that I wanted to include, and while I did actually edit out A LOT of photos, there were still a lot that went into this spread. I also made a "flip page" to add in a few extra photos, and I'll explain how I made that when I get there.

The right side is the front of my flip out page. You can see the edge of a journaling card that is tucked in behind the front page.
To make this pocket, I cut the top row of 4x6 pockets off a Design A pocket page by Becky Higgins. I punched extra holes so it would fit in the album. I folded it in half along the seam between the two 4x6 pockets (in the center). The top row has 4 3x4 pockets and the bottom has 2 4x6 pockets. When the page is folded in half, the right edge of the pockets don't hit the "spine" of the pocket page (where the holes are) so they don't interfere with the page going on to the rings, and you don't have to worry about trimming and re-sealing anything.

I love that this page allowed me to add extra photos without adding a whole extra page to the album. It made me happy that I could be so creative about it (plus I'd run out of pocket pages with 2 3x4s and 1 4x6).

The grey "chase adventure" card and the "sorry not sorry" cards are from my stash. The other two came in the kit.

*I'm sorry if the top right photo offends anyone. I don't believe in censoring my life, or the photos I take.*

On the right I added in a little glassine pocket from my stash to add in some things from the movies, and an extra photo. The front of the pocket has a "Movie Review" card from Studio Calico. I just glued it to the pocket and added the info and a little perforated strip from the kit.

Here's a glimpse of what's inside the pocket. 2 movie tickets (the four of us went to the movie, and they all gave me their tickets so I can add some to my regular PL as well), the play card from the arcade, and a photo of the prizes Jon and I won for ourselves.

Thank you so much for coming to check out my Wednesday pages. I have never made a mini album (smaller than 12x12 is considered a mini album to me) that didn't have layers and lots of bulk. This might be one of my favourites to day though.

Have a great weekend. I'll be back on Wednesday next week sharing Thursday.


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