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Project Life | Week 30

Today I'm sharing week 30. This week was one of those weeks. The wedding is getting closer, everyone is stressing a little bit because there are things they should be addressing, but they're not. It was a mess. Jon and I worked all of this week, and our stress levels were higher than they should have been. This week I used Studio Calico, one water colour card, and Kellie Stamps.

Left side; Gracie being as adorable as ever. Work being as busy as ever. Thriving in my thrive shirt. We had a family of skunks living in our neighborhood, possibly under our shed, and we were all a little concerned about being outside and accidentally scaring them. That skunk card from Studio Calico was perfect for documenting this.

Right side; a trip to lloyd to pick up some things on my only day off this week. Got shoes for the wedding, not any of the ones I'd been looking at, met my little sisters' boyfriend for the first time, laughed about the boat being parked close to a puddle, and watched some rain on the drive home.

Thanks for coming by to see my spread this week. On Wednesday I'm sharing some photos of the invitations I made for Jon's sister and her now husband's wedding. I'm so proud of them, but wish things had gone differently.

Have a great day!


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