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Project Life | Week 18

A little late with this post, but today I'm sharing Week 18. I love the pink and orange combination on this layout (though I could have gone with blue and green and pulled from the photos). I'm not that person who's super into colour matching, or editing my photos so they look "perfect". I just roll with them.

 Left side; I used an old Kellie Stamp to stamp Week on my title card. I used some pieces from the Week in the Life Kit and past Story Kits (join the waiting list here) and some pieces from old Studio Calico kits to complete this spread. Since cutting my subscriptions down to just the Story Kits I've actually been making use of my stash.

Right side; I love those two cards with Ali Edwards' handwriting on them, and I love the faces the kids are making in the 3x4 photos. They're obsessed with the silly snapchat faces and insist on doing at least several every week.

I've been keeping my spreads pretty simple and doing them in 4 week chunks. I like the idea of documenting weekly, but in about a month at a time. It gives me more enjoyment for the project because it feels less like something I need to do every week, and more like something I can carve out time to work on and actually enjoy.

Thanks for coming by to see this spread. I'll be back on Wednesday with my projects for Kellie Stamps June release.


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