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Week in the Life | Friday

I can't believe June is basically half over at this point. It feels like it was just starting yesterday. This year is literally flying by and it's almost impossible to believe.

Today I'm sharing Friday of my Week in the Life album. I still love the circles on the center of the opening photo, the half divider, the wood veneer numbers, the phrase stickers, rubber banners and gold foil. I love the indirect repetition of elements throughout that seems to bring everything together.

Another day of gratitude on the back of the divider, another unsealed pocket with a wood veneer number. I need to remember to fuse all of them shut and make a label for the back of the album.

Another temperature photo with the day of the week phrase sticker and another gold foil daily card.

Another coffee cup photo (which I actually love since I used a different cup every day of the week). More phrase stickers and journaling on photos. Jon's been assembling and painting the beginnings of a dwarf army this week (for me so we can play Warhammer: Age of Sigmar together. Super nerdy).

Another feet photo, another weather photo (no phrase sticker this time). The top right card says "am" and "pm" in the corner of each box and I used an older set of Kellie Stamps to stamp "rain" and "more rain" because all it did today was rain on and off.

I love close up photos of the pages of a book. Here I cut it in half to fit the 3x4 pockets and along the shadow on the right I wrote "I love reading" over and over. I love that most of the words on the page are out of focus but you could read it still if you wanted. On the right I stamped "Fridays are for" and journaled a bit about the day next to the plastic letter.

Thanks for coming by to see these pages. Have a wonderful day!


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