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Week in the Life | Wednesday

Today I'm sharing Wednesday of my Week in the Life album. My type A personality loves that I was able to colour match the daily messy circles to the gold foil cards as opposed to the chipboard circles that were in similar colours but didn't match the foil cards.

Another gratitude card, another rubber banner, and phrase stickers. I love the simplicity of my album this year. I love that everything managed to fit in the rings without making the album overflow and the pages curl a little like last year. It also helps that the rings were larger than last year.

I love taking "from where I stand" photos (or foot selfies) I had quite a few throughout my album. Today's is in the garden. I also have a lot of photos of #gracietheungraceful but she's cute so it's okay. And another foil card.

Another day another coffee cup. The top right photo talks about how we don't keep the big can of coffee on the counter, but instead use it to fill a smaller can and keep it on the counter. On the bottom photo I journaled around the outside of the bowl. I love hot it looks. I'm always looking for creative ways to journal on my photos and throughout this album I've tried different ones. Like journaling around the edge of an object.

I documented my gratidue journal, the creating of a coffee cup album and some texts I exchanged with my sister.

Another temperature photo with a daily phrase sticker and more journaling on photos.

Labels, phrase stickers, "Wednesdays are for" stamp and white letter. I also made a point to include on large photo of each of our cats.

Thanks for coming by to see my album. Have a wonderful day!


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