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Week in the Life | Thursday

Today I'm sharing Thursday of my Week in the Life album. Today I started the day off watching The Originals.

Gratitude, everyday details, Gracie, phrase stickers and wood veneer number. Simple and done.

Another temperature photo, more phrase stickers, more simple daily details that are often overlooked. Like how I left the chicken on the counter yesterday, how the garden hose sprays the air conditioner because we need to replace the hose. The flowers are finally blooming.

Simple details, breakfast, watching Jon assemble models, gold foil card, phrase stickers.

Another day, another coffee cup. More daily details, his and hers coffee. His black, hers a mocha. More phrase stickers, more journaling on photos.

More little details, banners, phrase stickers, journaling on photos. A few details from Jon, working on creative projects, messy desk, photoshop and podcasts.

Rain, simple journaling, phrase stickers, foot selfies, little details, short stories. Partial pages (the two 3x4s on the right).

I love how the white letters look on the large 6x8 photos. Again, apologies for the glares, I swear they look great in person.

Thanks for coming to see my Thursday pages. Have a great weekend.


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