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Week in the Life | Tuesday

Today I'm sharing Tuesday of my Week in the Life. Another super simple day, very similar to Monday (here). I hate that I never seem to have the timing right to take photos. I like to use the natural light in the kitchen, but with the sun rising earlier, the timing to take the photos is harder to nail down. That being said, sorry for all the glare on the pockets.

Today my day started off with Grey's Anatomy. I work nights so I record shows and watch them days later while trying to avoid spoilers on Facebook.

Another gratitude card on the back of the divider. Cutting them in half was possibly the best thing I did. I also made use of all of the journaling cards and used all the rubber banners. I love adding banners and labels to the center of a photo. It draws the eye into the middle of the photo. In this case, it also hides the clutter of my planner.

I also loved the acrylic hearts in the kit. I used quite a few of them. I love that they were white and added a little dimension in the simplest ways. Another foil card right on the rings. I love how it looks. The colours were so vibrant and I have a thing for gold foil.

Another day, another coffee cup photo. On each of the "weather" photos I put a phrase sticker with the corresponding day of the week. I love the large wood veneer numbers, and I'm still looking for a way to use the remaining numbers.

I documented cutting my finger while cutting watermelon. We cut the rind off the watermelon and put it into a container. I like having all the waste out of the way immediately. On the right side I added a flair from this set from The Crafty Pocket. I custom fused the top half into a 4x4 and two 2x2 pockets.

On the back of the flair from the previous page I adhered a small round label and stamped "every day magic" on it before adhering it to the flair. I stapled the "this" banner to the bottom photo for a little textural variety.

The right side is a 3x8 with two 3x4 pockets. I added a label to the top photo.

On the back of the 3x8 page is two more photos. On the bottom photo I adhered the fortunes from my fortune cookie.

The right side has more journaling on the photos.

On the last 6x8 photo I stamped "Tuesdays are for" and journaled a bit about the day.

Thanks for coming to see my Tuesday pages. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


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