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Week in the Life | Monday

I still feel slightly mentally exhausted from completing this project. Not to say that I don't love it, I do love documenting a week in more detail, but it's exhausting.

I might also be suffering from a book hangover. I crushed Me Before You by Jojo Moyes in two days (if I could have done it in one I absolutely would have). I loved the book so much! I can't wait to see the movie. I'll probably cry like a baby. I'll share more about my thoughts on the book when I share my #operationreadmore May post next week. Back to my WITL album.

When I got the kit, I thought about making my title page similar to the one I did last year with the 2x2 pockets (see it here) or like the 2x2 pocket page I used in my December Daily (here). But while browsing Pinterest I came across Ali's title page from 2014 and I loved how simple it was and I knew I wanted to include this quote she did for #GiveSunday last year instead of a photo. I love words that set the tone and inspire before you even look at the photos.

On the front card I wrote a short reason why. It covers a little bit about us right now, but also the reason I wanted to do this project. I adhered one of the chipboard circles from the kit to the front of a transparency.

On the back of the opening page I stuck one of the stickers from the packaging on the back of the transparency over the back of the chipboard shape, and below I wrote a short paragraph about where each of us is at right now. Age, what we're into, etc. Things that wouldn't be documented anywhere else in the album.

The beginning of each day is pretty much the same. For some reason every day this week started with me watching TV and the first photo was usually a glimpse of whatever I was watching. On Monday it was Sister Wives.

I cut my dividers in half (thanks Ali) and I love that it made them a little easier to turn than having the full divider on there. I also have a project in mind for the other half of the divider.

I used the digital messy circles and the digital kit to get the colours to match and made flat circles to put on the center of each first photo. I wanted to use the chipboard, but because I wanted them all in the center, it made the album outrageously bulky. So I'll save them for another project.

I created some gratitude cards for the back of each divider to write down the 3 things I documented being grateful for each day. I thought about using the same cards she did, but liked this better.

I added the gold foil daily cards straight to the rings (like a lot of people did). I love how it looks and introduces the day (again). I'm learning to love repeating that throughout the album.

On the back of each daily card, I included a photo of my cup for that day. Originally I'd thought about using my cup photos for my opening photo, but liked this better. It's a smaller way to tell the story of my day.

The wood veneer numbers were slipped straight into 3x4 pockets and I haven't fused them shut yet because I'm not sure if I want to add anything else to it, or paint or emboss the numbers. I think I'll just fuse them shut and leave them like this.

I journaled a lot on the photos, and used a bunch of phrase stickers (I'm learning to love them and use more of my stash) and I had printed and cut some labels that I'd made in the same colours of the kit. I love how they just add a little something to a plain white card. I used the stamp set from the kit to stamp "real life" on that little orange label, journaled and added a phrase sticker. Simple. Done.

I used all of the cards in the kit, except the ones Ali put on the back of her dividers. I just couldn't get over needing to write something from the morning, afternoon and evening on them, so I didn't use them.

Another repetitive thing I did every day was use snapchat to put the temperature on a photo. It happened almost on accident, but by Wednesday I figured I'd just keep doing it every day. If I didn't use the photo I'd at least have a bit of the weather for the day and could write it down somewhere.

I also used all the rubber banners.

Orignally the half 3x4 was a flip pocket, but when I was trying to reduce the bulk and remove some photos I couldn't get the tape off the photos so I left it, but I love how it looks.

On the last 6x8 photo I stapled the plastic letters and stamped "mondays are for" (different for each day of the week, not Monday for every day) and journaled about that photo, or little pieces of the day.

Today's photo was me acknowledging that looking at our cluttered fridge makes me happy. There's photos of various family members on it, and drawings/coloring pages from our nieces and nephews, and some valentines and cards from nieces and nephews. It's just so full of love, and while it looks messy and cluttered, it's something that I love. I've thought about removing some of the stuff, but I know that it'll likely end up in the garbage, so I just keep adding colouring pages to the clip and enjoying seeing things that make me happy several times a day.

Thanks for coming by to see my Monday pages. On Friday I'll be sharing my Tuesday pages. Have a great day!


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