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Project Life: Week Twenty-Nine

This week, lacked photos. There's a list of things I could have done to push this into a full two page spread (I'll include a few suggestions at the bottom of this post), but I only had a few from the next week as well, so I did a single page with the front of an insert for Week 29.

This week I used Studio Calico, and Dear Lizzy. 

Here's the left side. I used a photo for my title card because the photo was pretty empty. I used the 4x6 spot next to it, to journal about my trip to the lake to visit my niece. The bottom right quadrant is from the beginning of my trip to my Grandma's for the funeral.

Here's the front of the insert, and end of this weeks photos. The top photo is from a photo album, I'm working on putting into a Project Life style scrapbook for my Grandma. The bottom photo is a scrapbook I started to her when I was a preteen. I was so embarrassed by it, but I can see how much my style has evolved from that since then. It also makes me pretty happy that I've discovered Project Life so I can fit all of it into one album, instead of two or three albums.

Here's a few ideas for when you have few photos, and want to push your spread into two pages:
  • add a list 
    • favourite things
    • what you're reading right now
    • favourite foods
  • more filler cards
  • combine two weeks into one
  • add photos from another week that either didn't make the cut, or wouldn't fit
  • share a story about a loved one or your hometown
There are plenty of other things you could do, just do whatever feels right to you, and fits into your album.
Have a great weekend!


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