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Project Life: Week Thirty-Four

Good morning! Today I'm sharing Week 34. This is week was rather emotionally stressful for my family, and I won't worry or bother any of you with the details. This week also had some rather great moments for me as well, so they more than make up for everything else that happened.

This week I used up some more of my Studio Calico cards. I went through them and found some with similar colors and threw them all into a page together.

The left side features two photos of Gracie. She got a new chair, and she was sleeping extra cute. Normally when she sees I have my phone out, she stops being cute, and ruins the photo. Of course Emmett takes super adorable photos as well, especially when he's sleeping!

Here's the right side. The "make more" card had a line at the bottom, and a picture of scissors. I covered it with a label and added a list of things I've been making lately. The bottom photos are from my Great Grandmother's house.

We went to her old house and looked through some boxes and I saw parts of her house I'd never seen growing up. Found old photo albums in the attic, and told myself that one day I would scan and scrapbook all of them (hopefully). Even if I don't have her memories to go with them, I'd at least like to get them into better albums. Most of those are the ones with the adhesive pages, that destroys your photos.

Thanks for coming by! I'll see you tomorrow!


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