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Studio Calico: 30 Days of Me - Part 2

Good morning! Today I'm sharing all the pages inside my first divided section of my 30 Days of Me album. You can see the first part HERE.

Here's the first page. The prompt was "I am..." I took this opportunity to write some things about myself, my age, the color of my hair, my relationship status, and a few other things that might change in the future. I added a photo of myself now, since looks do in fact change over time. I added a verse that that I'd like to put into effect more, and a photo of my favorite cup!

Next up, I did a two page spread for the "My Family" prompt, and a little 2x4 insert with their names.

The first page, is the family living in my house. That includes another photo of me (there are very few these days), a photo of my cat socks, Jon's cat Gracie, and a photo of Jon from a fishing trip he went on this summer. Looking at it now, I want to add little names to at least the photos of Socks & Gracie, just so that in the future, whoever looks at this will know.

On the little insert I included who lives in our house, and the rest of my family. I cut "my family" out of a scrap of vellum and stitched it onto the green cardstock.

On the back of the Family title I included a little pocket with a tag about family. I feel like it fits my family, because we all live in the same town, but I hardly ever see my brothers. I attached a little printable from the printables for the class.

On the right side, I included some good, somewhat recent photos of all of them, except my brothers family expanded, so I turned it into a flip pocket. I trimmed page with the four small pockets in half, then removed the front piece of the left pocket to make it a pocket on one side, and just a single layer on the other side. I inserted my photos into the right side, and slipped the left piece in between my photos in the left pocket. The photos are both mounted on white cardstock, so the pocket it tight and the extra piece doesn't slide out unless tugged on really hard.

On the right side (top right) I made a flip pocket. I need to put a tab on it so I remember that it's there. On the front is my brother's family picture, but it was taken before their son was born, so on the inside of the flip pocket, I included a photo of my niece holding her baby brother, and also a photo of just him. Aren't they just the cutest kids ever?!


Next up I took the "Favorite..." prompt and did a page about my favorite books, and my current bookcase full of books.

The left page has 4 books I've read this year, that have stayed with me, or had some impact on my life. I adhered a vellum ampersand over the four pockets (they open from the other side).

I added a tag (but the letters are kind of upside down for how it went in. I punched the hole by the f with the intention of sticking the tag on the rings, but it didn't work so I ran some twine through and made it look intentional. I tried peeling the letters off, but they were stuck down too well.

On the back of the tag I put "read more" because one of my goals for this year.

Of course a photo of my bookcase. I hope this will change. As it is, I've moved a few books downstairs, to make room for new books. We need a second bookcase, but we also need the space to put a second bookcase.

To end this section, I just slipped a gold doily with a chipboard camera sticker into a pocket. I didn't have any other prompts that I wanted to include in this section, and I love that it just ends on a simple note. The divider for the next section says "Collect beautiful moments".

Thanks for stopping by to see the second part of this album! It's just about to get into some of my favorite parts so be sure to come back and check it out!
Have a great day!


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