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Thanksgiving Decor

Good morning! Canadian Thanksgiving has come and gone, but luckily my decor was centered around fall (I did that on purpose) and not too specific to Thanksgiving. I can leave it up until I put out my Christmas decorations if I want, even though it snows way before then (or I'll have to make some winter-y decorations for that in-between period).

These I obviously did not make. I bought these and my niece helped me put them on the window. She was so excited about them, and told me "Auntie, the witch has hair like you!" (I was having a particularly bad hair day). She ripped the one pumpkin a little bit, and had a mini panic attack, but I'm surprised that they all survived coming off the protective sheet. When her mom came to pic her up later that afternoon, she insisted on showing her, and when everyone came for dinner the weekend after, she showed them all what her and auntie did.

I shared this sneak peek on my Instagram.

I then later shared this photo of a little crate full of pumpkins. They're so tiny and adorable! You can find the tutorial for these adorable pumpkins HERE. That link leads you to Craftaholics Anonymous. They have tons of great tutorials and projects over there! The stem/leaf on top, I made using a modified cutfile. I just took a simple leaf shape and welded it onto a rectangle, then folded 1/4"
of the bottom of the rectangle and hot glued it to the top of the pumpkin.

When I started making them, my niece was helping me, and I had set aside pumpkins for her because she asked if she could make "pumpkin, snowmen". I knew what she meant so I made this little pumpkin-man family for her. After this photo was taken I added a mustache to two of them, hair bows to two of them, and one with a mustache got a little bowtie. They're adorable.

I wrapped them up in a Christmas gift bag with a snowman on it, and wrote in an adorable little card I made a few years ago for Valentine's Day (it says I [heart] U on the front). She loved it, and was almost in tears when she came to thank me. It made my heart extremely happy.

Some people do a fancy table set up, but because my family puts all the food on the table, I did a fancy set up on the cabinet beside the TV that has all of our movies in it. I cleaned everything off of it and put the silver candle holders and the blue bottles back up. Then I pulled out and added my fall arrangements (the one on the right is damaged from water getting in the basement). I also made some larger pumpkins and put them onto some candle holders I've had for 3 years, but have yet to find candles I like to put on them. I bought the owl, and the candle at Michael's, in their halloween section.

Here's those pumpkins. What I did was just figured out a pattern, and ran the string between the paper strips (just straight through the center of the pumpkin). I had to adjust a few of them as they smushed together more than I wanted, when I put them up over the window.

I hope this inspires some of you to save some money and make your own fall decorations! I see a lot more garlands in my future. Especially now that I have a sewing machine. For winter, I think I want to make a snowflake one. I'm getting pretty excited for Christmas, I already have a list of things I want to try, not just for the blog, but because we have very few Christmas decorations, and now that work is new and pretty, I'd love to make some pretty things for there as well!

Have a great day!


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