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Project Life: Week Thirty-Two

Good morning! Today I'm sharing my Week 32 layout with you. This week, my goal was to use more of my Studio Calico cards that had been piling up a little bit. I also wanted to make the cards work FOR ME. I was tired of looking at the kit and feeling like "I'm never going to use this card. I don't even like coffee". (Is it weird that most of this album is my memories, and just a few things from Jon once in a while?)

This week I used strictly Studio Calico cards, and some thickers by American Crafts. And a bunch of labels. Most of the labels were free printables found on Pinterest.

Here's the left hand side. I wrote out my title with foam alphas, and used a little label to write in the dates for this week. I journaled on the photo in the top right, and added a label to the bottom right. 

Here's the right hand side. I used labels, alphas and a chipboard sticker to make this side pretty. I modified a couple of the cards so that they'd work for me, and this particular spread.

The first card I modified was this one. I don't drink coffee, I drink tea. So I covered coffee with a small label and some foam alphas. I wanted it to be known that I altered this card to work for me, so I didn't worry about finding a label big enough to cover the word coffee completely.

The second card I altered was this one. In the corner, I believe it said "hello July", but the colors fit so well with this spread that I covered it with a label I cut in half and stacked to hide what it said.

I feel that if you're paying for the cards, they should be working for you. If a card doesn't necessarily fit with the theme, or overall look of your layout, I think you should modify it and make it work.

Have a great day!


kvh said...

Looks good! I love the Books and Tea card - I also don't drink coffee but loooove books and I love that card. I'll have to do that with my card as well. Thanks for the inspiration -- Kristie from PL Canada

travellinglynn said...

First time visiting your blog - heard about it from PL Canada Facebook group. Thanks for the PL inspiration!

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