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Studio Calico: 30 Days of Me - Part 3

Good morning! Thanks for coming back to see the third part of my 30 Days of Me album. I don't generally like to talk about myself, but I need to start, and this album is a pretty good start to that. It focuses solely on me, and my feelings, and my memories, and my perspective on so many things. It'll be fun to look back in a year or two and see how much things have changed.
You can find Part 1 HERE and Part 2 HERE

First up, my page for the prompt "Makes me laugh". I had a couple of photos from our trip to my Aunt & Uncle's for their anniversary at the start of the month. I thought they were absolutely perfect for this because both of them made me laugh so unbelievably hard. I didn't have another photo so I just adhered a chipboard sticker to a scrap of pocket page and slipped it in for a see-through element.

On the back side of the "Makes me laugh" page, I put my photos for the "little joys" prompt. For this one, I just included a few photos of things that make me happy, and another chipboard sticker the same size as the other one, adhered the same way.


The journaling for my "little joys" page was written on this little tag from the Marcy Penner minibook class. I covered the front of the glassine bag with some printables from Maggie Holmes. I feel like this tag is perfect for this!

This next page was inspired by one Maggie Holmes did in her minibook class. I loved it so much, that I made a smaller 4x4 version with the same idea. I trimmed down a piece of chipboard to the size of a page protector (I cut it 4.5x4) and painted both sides with Martha Stewart acrylic paint. Then I wrapped crochet cotton around it, loose enough that it didn't bend the chipboard, but tight enough that it wouldn't slip off. On  the back I tied it in a little bow. I slipped my photo for the "My happy place" prompt under a few pieces of the crochet cotton, added the little printable card and paperclip, a butterfly to the bottom corner and did a little journaling about my happy place.

On the backside of the purple chipboard I did the "looking down" prompt. Same idea, but instead of a printable, I journaled about my feet being bare, and my great dislike of wearing shoes, or socks because my feet get sweaty, except in the winter, then I wear slippers. I added green twine to the tag, and a green paperclip.

Next up is the "makes me smile" prompt. This one was pretty easy, though there were so many extra things I wanted to add to this, I chose a few that make me smile no matter how I feel. I didn't include any journaling for this one because I felt the pictures were pretty self explanatory. My niece, nephew and flowers make me smile in case they weren't. I added a little smiley wood veneer from Freckled Fawn to the bottom right pocket in the same way I added the chipboard stickers.

I did this page on a day that wasn't all happy and fun for a reason. I didn't want this album to just be about the good things this month, but also about things that made me frustrated, and stressed. For the "today was" prompt I journaled about a day that Jon and I had a bunch of work errands to run, and a mile long list of things to pick up, and I had a million things to get done and the photo in the bottom right is of a card from a Studio Calico kit. I also included a sad face wood veneer from Freckled Fawn to display a little more emotion on this one.

For the "Today I saw..." prompt I included a photo of my niece on the front (and my nephew on the back). We were baking this day, so I got one of her in an apron that was beyond too big for her (it's Jon's). I journaled on a tag about spending the afternoon with her.

The back side of the "Today I saw..." prompt. I included the happy printable because seeing them both makes me happy.

I believe this was for the "Reading" prompt. I generally read one book at a time, and when I did this prompt, I had just started An Abundance of Katherines by Jon Green. I didn't do the prompts in order, so by the time I did this one, my album was already getting pretty full, so I tried to keep the page more on the simple side.

For the "My view today..." prompt I included the view out my livingroom window. The leaves had just started to fall off the trees out front, and I wanted to document that, instead of another photo of my messy desk in the craftroom.

Here's the divider for the next section. It says "Fall in love with your life".

Thanks for coming by today to see part 3 of my 30 Days of Me album! Only two more parts to go, and I'm so excited to share both of them with you!

Have a great day!


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