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Traditional Scrapbook - Hunting Season

Good morning! Today I'm sharing some traditional scrapbook pages I made, which was a rare thing, until recently. I would have probably just thrown these into a photo album, or a 6x8 Project Life album, and added in a few labels with the dates the photos were taken, but Jon's dad wanted to be able to display them, so people could see him doing the only other thing he does besides work.

These first four pages I made a couple years ago, as a birthday gift for Jon's dad. I made them before I got a little more into traditional spreads, plus we only had four frames and one entire year to cover, and I wanted to include as many photos as I could. You can see an obvious change from these four to the ones that come after it. The ones that come after it were made using sketches mostly, for inspiration.
For the second batch, I waned to do something that would tie them all together, so I used green paper as my base for all the spreads. I feel that it worked really well, and later on when I put them into an album, they'll be different enough, but still fit together. The leaves I used are from the Silhouette Online Store. They come as a printable, so I just print & cut them on my Cameo. The titles "Big Game", "Duck Blind", etc. were cut on my Cricut using the Wildlife cartridge. The I Heart Hunting title was cut on the silhouette, and the letters weren't quite the right color, so I used the negative as a stencil, some white ink and a little sponge to stencil the words onto the page.
Any questions about these pages can be left in the comments, or e-mailed to me! I haven't figured out how to get replies enabled on my comment, so if you want an immediate response, e-mail me, or leave it in the comments and I'll e-mail you!

Thanks for coming by to check out these pages. I feel like the internet is seriously lacking in inspiration for photos of hunting season. Perhaps it's because of all the controversy around hunting, and some people killing and wasting everything. For the record, all of the geese, ducks, and big game that was killed in these photos was for food. Jon's family butchers their own meat (his mom's a professional chef) and anything that they don't eat, but is still edible (everything but the breast of the geese & ducks) is turned into food for their dogs. They waste as little as possible, not because they're environmentally conscious, but because this is where the majority of their meat comes from.

Have a great day! Happy Hunting!


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