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Studio Calico: 30 Days of Me - Part 4

Good morning! Thank you for coming back to see Part 4 of my 30 Days of Me album. It means so much to me that you came back to see part for, if you missed the other parts you can find the rest here: Part 1, Part 2, & Part 3. Just click on the part you want to see! Happy reading!

Today I'm sharing all the pages inside the "Fall in love with your life" section. The focus of this section was things about my life that I love. I included prompts that focused on important pieces of my life right now.

First up, is a little sequin pouch, and behind it, something very special!

Because I wanted this little sequin pouch to be directly attached to the ring of the binder, I stitched a little square and punched my hole from the center of it, just to ensure it didn't split and have sequins come out everywhere.

This is something I'm pretty excited about. It looks like some patterned paper stitched to a pocket page and tied with ribbon, but it's so much more than that.

Just a close up of the stitching around the pocket page.

The pocket opens up on the right to reveal this.

It opens up into a little 6 square mini album page, inside my mini album.
This was inspired by Nicole Reaves' minibook class at Studio Calico. She made these little 8x12 pages, and glued them together to make a mini album. I took that idea and made a litttle 8x12 page, cut the right and bottom sides off of a 4x4 pocket page and stitched my page to the pocket page. I tied it with ribbon to keep it from flipping open whenever it wanted.
In this little mini album, within a mini album, I put the "Loving right now" prompt. All of these are things that I love right now. From ampersands, to cupcakes, history to my messy desk to mini albums and sequin pockets. I did a bit of journaling for each item with a photo, and created a list of things I love in the top left square.


I left the back of the mini album within a mini album, blank. I didn't want to make it look busier than the paper already was.

For the "Around the house" prompt, I included photos of a few of my favorite things. My new writing desk that I painted this summer, Gracie sleeping in her new favorite chair, and the rustic clock, and chrome owl that are my favorite two pieces from my livingroom. The title card is from the Marcy Penner minibook class and the alphas are from Studio Calico.

For "On the menu" I included a few new recipes we've made in the last little while, and all the baking that I did in preparation of work opening, and us not having as much time as we'd like. I made so many muffins, I'm surprised we're not sick of them yet. I tried out a recipe for a cucumber salad, and one of our favorites: Chicken Bacon Ranch in the slow cooker (recipe to come).

The "In my bag" prompt, was something I was actually a little excited about. I just bought a new wallet, and I had been meaning to clean some junk out of my purse (the empty icebreakers container, the receipts, the little Boston Pizza mints), but instead of cleaning it out before snapping this, I took a "real life" photo, because not everything can be clean and organized.

On the back of In my bag I put "Currently". I included the date, and filled in the prompts on the card. This card is from a Studio Calico kit (I think), but might also been in another of Becky Higgins kits (I'm thinking a Dear Lizzy mini kit perhaps) I wanted to keep this simple, and clean, I feel like that's exactly what this is. I love the title being down the side.

Next up I included the "Working on" prompt. This was a fairly simple one for me. I knew exactly what photos I wanted to include because all the projects I'm working on right now, were either on, or near my desk. There's way more than what I included here, but these were the three I'd worked on the most in the month of September.

"I love to..." I also did this one near the end. Tried to keep it fairly flat, and I wanted to include more of my handwriting. For this one, I just chose three things I'd done this particular week that I loved. I bought new books, my Studio Calico kits came in (including my 30 Days of Me class kit. Better late than never), and I went shopping at a local shop that I love to death!

I don't normally make "To Do" lists, but in preparation of a dinner we were making for Jon's parents before going to the movies, I made one so I made sure that I didn't forget anything. Rather than rewrite the list, I just attached it to a scrap of patterned paper, and added some staples to the bottom to make it extra secure.

The "lessons learned post was a tough one for me. I didn't want it to be overly serious, but I didn't want it to just be generic things I've learned. I also wanted to keep it a little light hearted. Just used some ledger paper, and alpha stickers to keep it simple.

Here's my final divider. It says "There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind". This section is more about the future, and it has two pages that make my heart happy.

Thanks for coming to see part 4 of my 30 Days of Me class album. It's winding down, and I'm grateful that you've stuck with it so far! If you're just starting, don't forget to click the links at the top to read the other 3 parts!

Have a great day!


Nicole said...

Your mini looks amazing Alexandria! I love how you added the fold-out page right into your album. Such a great idea! Thank for sharing it all. :)

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