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Project Life: Week Thirty-Eight

Good morning! Today I'm sharing my spread for week 38. his week was getting pretty close to work being open. I was busy baking everything I possibly could, to the point where I honestly believed that my feet would fall off. However, I'm glad that I did it. Jon's dad has hunters that come up from September - Late October and he likes to be able to offer them something to eat while they're in the blind before the world is awake, so he asked for a few muffins. Needless to say I went from a few, to a TON. There's barely a dent made in the amount of muffins in there, and they are in fact delicious!

This week I used Studio Calico. I've been trying to use up the Studio Calico cards because they're on my desk, and while all my BH kits feel extremely neglected, I'm trying to figure out a system to organize them, that will work for me. I'm also thinking of packing up 1/3 of all the kits I can, and either selling them to fellow crafters, or offering them to people who want to get started doing Project Life. I feel like 1/3 of a kit, is a lot less overwhelming to start with, than a full core kit.

Here's the left side. The top left photo is all the baking I had in my freezer on Sunday of this week. The right side is how full my freezer was a little later in the week. There's more than just baking in there, but it filled up rather quickly, and I was still doing some baking. This week I was working on some Baby Shower stuff, and my niece decided to stick one of the test mustaches to her face and pretend she was a boy (cutest thing ever).

Here's the right side. This one was more of some things I did, or noticed this week. Shopping in a local store, bought books when we went to the city, included a photo of what's in my bag (taken from my 30 Days album), included the first of the fallen leaves, and the progress I made on my 30 Days album. Now that I look at this, I feel like it's just about me, and what I did. But I promise you, I'm trying to get Jon in the habit of sending me his photos for the week, and writing on cards when I ask him to (still have a few places he has to fill in).

How do you get your partner, or children to include their memories in the album? Do you let them fill in their own separate album, or just give them little cards to write on and slip them in? One of my PL goals for next year, is to include more of Jon's perspective in the album, both with photos and journaling. This year it seemed to be more my perspective, and my photos, but it's obvious that he thinks of this as being strictly my hobby, and something I do, for me. But it's not. This is my hobby, that I do for us. In 5 years, I may not want to remember everything I included in here, but it'll be interesting to look back and think "wow, our Project Life style has changed over the years. I can't believe we ever did things like this, or journaled like that".

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