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Studio Calico: 30 Days of Me - Part 5

Thanks for coming back for the final part of my 30 Days of Me album. It's winding down and I'm almost sad that this is almost the end. Though I feel like I've wasted enough of your time with this album, so of course today will be the last day. The first four parts can be found here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

First up, "Daily routine" for this, I just included a photo of my electric kettle, and journaled about my lack of routine. Since work closed in May, my routine has been basically non-existent. I've tried to get myself into a routine, but it hasn't worked. the one constant, was having a cup of tea after I woke up, so I included the kettle.

These two pages are my absolute favorite for very different reasons. The left one, is my favorite content-wise, and the right is my favorite technique/appearance-wise.

"I dream of..." at first I almost put a photo from the old TV show "I Dream of Genie" but I actually hated it, so instead I found some photos from the internet that were of things I do actually dream of happening in my future.
Top right: The house we want to build out on the 6 acres of land next to Jon's parents' place. We browsed plans for a couple months, fell in love with that house, and found out it wasn't possible right now. I dream of this house, literally. I'm looking forward to building it, hopefully next summer.
Bottom left: One day (hopefully soon) I dream of Jon proposing. We've talked about it a lot, and I've given him a few ideas of what he could do that would make my heart melt, and he has a few ideas of his own. We've talked about rings and I sent him a picture of what I wanted, we agreed on a metal so that when we get married, our rings will match. I know that I want to build the house before we get married, but a proposal is a totally different thing in my opinion.
Bottom right: I also dream of having a family. Preferably after we get married and build the house, but who knows. I took this photo from pinterest. It was the best way without having a strangers face in my album, plus I just love that photo.

This page was either going to work out beautifully or fail the minute I started. I only had one attempt to do it because I made the mistake of putting the alphas on the top before I painted it. If it hadn't worked out, I probably would have still used it, just covered it with something. For this prompt "Life is..." I didn't want to try and use one word to describe life, because life is so much more than just one word. I took out my Acrylic paints and painted two green and one purple strip. It's rather thick on one side, and there's so much texture that it was a little tricky to write on. I love the way it looks. I used a white uniball pen to write on it, and added an arrow wood veneer from Freckled Fawn.

"Evidence of me" I struggled with a little bit. I had a few ideas, (dirty dishes, baking, my pile of dirty laundry on the floor in the bedroom, bobby pins all over the house), and decided on this photo. Its a close up of all the little scraps and bits that have fallen onto the carpet by my desk in the craftroom. These little paper bits get stuck to my feet and I always find bits of paper in the kitchen and living room, which are on the opposite end of the house. It's my little way of leaving evidence that I've been crafting.

For the "I love..." prompt, I wanted to keep it simple and wrote a list of things that I love on a little tag and punched holes to attach it directly to the rings. I love how simple it is. I fit pretty well everything I love onto here.

"Currently Playlist" was a prompt...I think. I'm writing this from work and my list is at home on my desk. I added all the songs that I've been listening to, mostly on repeat. I used some music paper from the Music Mini kit from Studio Calico. I added some stickers and little acrylic music notes from the kit as well.

Just a close up of the acrylic music notes and the sequins.

The last prompt for my album was "Goals". My sewing machine needle broke when I was trying to stitch this pocket closed, so I had washitape holding it closed (that ugly pink and green striped tape you can see in a few of the other photos). When I went to photograph this page I remembered I had the tape on there, and had fixed my sewing needle, so I quickly stitched it shut. When sewing a pocket closed with things on both sides of the pocket, make sure to complete both sides before sewing!

I kept my goals simple, and hopefully attainable. My goal is to finish all of them before I do this again next September. We'll see how that goes!

The spine with its cute little purple label I made. I just measured the label that came inside of it, and made a text box in Microsoft Word, the same size, and typed my title in there, printed it and cut it to size.

Plain front cover. I was thinking about adding something, but there's so much going on inside that I think I'll just leave it plain black.

The bursting right side. You can't really see the dividers here either, but I know they're there. I love that crochet cotton showing on this side!

All the ribbon, and twine sticking out of the top. I think I should add something to the rings to hang out the top/over the spine a little.

Another shot of the bottom, I shared two photos of the bottom (halfway through, and finished). It's so full!

Here's a flipagram I made of the whole album, for those of you who might not want to read the blog posts, but just wanted to see the album.

Thanks for coming by to see this mini album. I'm so happy with how it turned out. I think Studio Calico has taken the class down, but you could easily make up your own prompts to just focus on you right now. I hope you enjoyed looking through this.

Have a great day!


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