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Happy Crafty Mail!

Today is my birthday. So Happy Birthday to me! It seems only fitting that I'm sharing happy mail on my birthday, because whenever I get happy mail, it feels like my birthday!

I actually got these packages around Halloween, but didn't get to open most of them until early this week. I was happy and sad about it. Happy because I got a bunch of things for super cheap from the Scrapbooker's Inner Circle closing sale, and sad because I'm losing the one place I could always go for my Project Life supplies! I'm also sad because one of the albums is broken (definitely not their fault). I've contacted American Crafts, and they've offered to replace it (and the other broken album from a while back) and to send some free supplies to make up for me paying to ship the broken albums.

First up, I have my order from Freckled Fawn. I love their products so much! I'm trying to convince myself that I don't need a subscription to their monthly embellishment kit, but it's a losing battle, and I may just cave and get it anyways. I do however, love buying just the stamps when they put them up a couple months after the kit was released (and is usually sold out). This is definitely something I wish Studio Calico would do, but I suppose by not doing it, it makes their products seem a lot more "exclusive".

I imagine that now that I own the wood veneer alphabet, and the words, I won't use them. Which is a shame because they're pretty, but that's exactly why I wouldn't use them. I hoard anything I think is pretty, because I'm afraid of running out of it and never getting it again. But of course something new always comes out and I either forget I had these, or wonder what I was thinking when I realize I haven't used them. I need to stop impulse shopping.

Stamps will always be my one weakness. I prefer them to stickers because I can use them again and again, with any colors I want, and in so many different ways! The one on the right will be the least used, I think, but I love the little car. It's so cute!

Once upon a time, I hated enamel dots. I had no idea why everyone was obsessed with them, or why everyone was trying to make their own, or why they complained about how hard they were to find. I gave away the only sets of enamel dots I had because I thought I'd never use them. But since I've began to embellish my pages more and more, I'm realizing they're probably something I should have in my stash! So naturally, I bought 2 of all the colors I could get my hands on from Freckled Fawn. In the near future I want to start collecting some from the Studio Calico Color Theory collection. I feel like they'd match the cards they release better than some of the other embellishments I have.

Arrow paper clips. I considered buying the sampler pack, but decided that I'd just buy the colors I tend to use the most, plus black and white because they go with everything. The gold and silver ones are possibly my favorite!

Then my order from Scrapbooker's Inner Circle arrived (in two boxes of course)! I stocked up on pocket pages. The top box is a Big Variety Pack 1 (includes designs A - F). The next two just contain 60 12x12 pages because I want to do some more traditional scrapbooking, so I stocked up on those. I'm sure there are better ones out there, but they were on sale, so I can't complain. The bottom box contains 60 Design A pages. I'll hopefully be able to save the bottom box until I start my album for next year, though I'm hoping to find another place in Canada to buy my PL supplies. If you have any recommendations, feel free to leave a comment with a link and I'll check it out!

I have some items that don't fit into the pocket pages, but also don't warrant an envelope (not for one or two pages) so I bought some page protectors for them. I wish I'd bought more than one package of these, but we'll see how I use what I've got first.

Of course I impulse bought this album. Gold foil is another weakness of mine, especially when it's paired with black, and my obsession with woodgrain meant this album needed to be mine. Maybe I'll move my Graduation pages into this album, and throw in a few other pages about myself.

This is the Rain Edition: Woodgrain Album. Becky Higgins, just announced that it's soon to be retired, so I'm glad I snatched this up while it was still available. I'd hate to have missed out on it. Though it will likely be in storage for a while. The purpose of this album is to hold all those Hunting pages I made. I hate the post bound albums, and this will fit plenty of pages into it, so I thought it was perfect! Now to find somewhere to store it so it doesn't get destroyed before I need it.

On the left is the Teresa Collins Studio Gold Instagram Album. It's so pretty. I just had to have it. I love that the album itself is translucent. Almost like vellum, but a little less cloudy, but not completely transparent. Plus I loved the gold heart on the front. The album on the right is where I want to put my 100 Happy Days pages.

For some reason, I also got these cinnamon dividers. I imagine this package either came from Becky Higgins' warehouse, or SIC was trying to get rid of them, and included one set for every 12x12 album purchased. I have yet to determine a use for these, but there are plenty of great ideas out there.

After photographing everything, I opened this album and discovered the rings were broken. I suppose if I really wanted to, I could hotglue the top end down, but I'd rather not, so I'm going to find a box for this album and the 12x12 album into and mail it to American Crafts.

Thanks for coming by! I'd love to see what you use the designer dividers for! Do you love or hate the SIC is closing for good? Personally I hate it. It's so sad that so many shops are closing down, making it harder and to get supplies.

Have a great day!


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