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What I've Been Up To & What's To Come

Good morning! I'm very sorry for not posting anything throughout the month of September. It's been pretty crazy around here trying to get work ready to open. Thankfully, we should be opening within a week from now, for sure. They're planning for the opening day to be next Friday, so things will be a little crazy until Christmas at this point.

However, between all the craziness of the last month and a half, I've managed to get a lot of things started, and a few of them I actually finished.

I took the Workspace class over at Studio Calico, though I have yet to use anything I learned to make my workspace better. I'm typing this from my iPad because my desk is such a mess that I can't even fit my keyboard on it at the moment. It;s like a tornado ran through my room. I need to get to work cleaning it up, instead of procrastinating and starting new projects that only add to the mess.

I started working on an album for my Highschool Graduation (back in 2010), and it's coming along nicely. It makes me wish I had more time. money and space to do more traditional scrapbooking. The most important of those is space.

I took a set of Mini Book classes at Studio Calico. Okay I paid for them, and read all the PDFs and watched the videos the instructors shared, but didn't make one mini album for each of those classes. Instead I took what I learned there and made a mini album for the Studio Calico 30 Days of Me class that I also took.

I took the 30 Days of Me class at Studio Calico. It was so much fun, and I loved making an album about me, right now. It'll be fin to look back in a year or two, and see how I've changed since then. It's something I could see myself doing every September to see a progressive change each year. So fun! I definitely recommend taking this class if you get a chance.

 I hosted a baby shower for my nephew in September (better late than never right?). It was supposed to be my Mom's Church hosting it, but no one organized anything so my Mom and I took over and did all the decorating, and had people bring food.

I'm currently working on finishing up a ton of framed scrapbook pages to go up at work. I made four a couple years ago for Jon's dad because he's an avid hunter, and wanted some way to display some of his favourite photos from hunting over the years. I figured that some scrapbook pages he could change out as the years go was a brilliant idea. Now he has me making almost 2 dozen pages to be displayed in the newly renovated restaurant at work. I'm a little nervous about my work being on display, but hopefully the layouts I love outshine the not so good ones.

I also started 100 Happy Days, and I'm making an album for this. I'm so glad I started this. Between the stress of work opening, and the holidays coming up, and some family issues, I needed something to help me focus on the little things in my life that make me happy. Whether it be a moment, or an object, or it lasted a second, or an hour, it doesn't matter. Happiness is almost as important as sleep, and I feel that we should try and keep life from weighing us down.

 I hosted a small early Thanksgiving dinner with my parents and siblings. So of course I did a bit of baking, and cooked the entire meal with Jon's help, AND made some paper things to decorate. It's exciting. I also had my niece help me decorate a little bit for fall, by putting some Halloween decals on my window. She had so much fun doing it.

My goal is to share these projects on my usual three days of the week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday), I'm still trying to figure out how small I want to divide these projects. I don't want one whole post for my 30 days class, but I don't want to drag it out for 30 weeks (that's crazy). I also don't want to be sharing hunting pages into the new year, or sharing my 100 happy days album beyond January of next year. While I'm figuring this out, you can have yourselves a wonderful weekend!

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