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One Little Word 2015

Photo from Ali Edwards
In December, I was thinking a lot about the changes I wanted to make in 2015. I shared some of those plans in my post about my Goals for 2015, but even after I posted that, I continued to think about ways to create positive change in my life in the new year. I'd heard a bit about Ali Edwards' One Little Word class, and read all her blog posts about past One Little Word's. I couldn't quite understand what it was all about, and a few ladies in the different Project Life groups mentioned it, and those who had previously taken it were offering what information they could about what the class was all about.

I decided to take the plunge and sign up despite knowing too terribly much about it. In the message boards, all the ladies were very inspiring, and helpful with any questions people had, and I learned so much. I soon realized that this was going to possibly be the best thing I'd done for myself, now all I had to do was find a word. My word.

I started to think about it, a lot. Everyone described this seemingly fairytale feeling of knowing when you've found your word. I created a list of words that encompassed the changes I wanted to see in 2015, including: more, love, faith, do, accomplish, happy, kind, and focus. I tried out each of the words, but none of them really gave me that feeling everyone had been describing. Others said that their word chose them, and when they accepted that one word spoke to them louder than the others, they got that feeling. 

When I listened, the word that was speaking to me, was DO. It wasn't very inspiring to me, and so I found myself actively looking for a word that encompassed what I wanted my word to inspire in me. While actively searching for a word, I found myself doubting that this class would be the one for me. However, I found myself browsing blogs, and Pinterest for One Little Word inspiration, and discovered that several people have used DO as their word. It was the word that was speaking to me, and when I accepted that, I got that feeling they described.

It doesn't matter what word you choose, or chooses you. I feel that any word is only as inspiring as you make it. I feel that if it inspires you, you should go with it, and not care what others think of your word. I also think that you shouldn't judge someone based on their word. Not everyone is going through the same things, and not everyone is using their word to achieve the same goals.

I look forward to sharing my OLW journey with all of you. If you'd like to learn more, or sign up for the class, you can visit Ali's blog (here).
All images (except the first one) are from Pinterest.

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