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Vintage Book Paper Wreath

Good morning! I'm sure we've all seen those beautiful wreaths that look like a flower, made from old book paper right? They're all over Pinterest, and I desperately wanted to make one. I thought about making this a tutorial, but decided to just link the video that helped me make mine at the bottom instead. This particular project is better with a video tutorial than a photo tutorial.

I had already taken apart the book for a couple of other projects (I'd used a few pages in my 100 Happy Days album) and so I had a stack of pages just waiting for me to use them for something, so I found a tutorial online, and got to work.

I spent a couple of hours before work on it, and it took me about three days. I'm satisfied with how it turned out, but I know I could have done better. The book paper was a little thicker and didn't want to roll very nicely, so my cones turned out different sizes. It could always be worse, and I'm just happy that I tried something new. I stopped procrastinating it and just did it. I'm glad I did. I feel so much better about it, and know I probably won't make it again anytime soon.

I wasn't sure how to go about filling in the center so that it looked good, so I just took a rosette I had left over from another project, and hot glued it to the center.

The paper was a little on the thicker side, so some of them didn't roll as nicely as I'd wanted them to, but I worked with it. I hid most of the evidence of the paper folding more than rolling, and I'm pleased with the outcome. Now I just need to figure out how to hang it up.

Here you can see that the rosette has nothing underneath it. I just glued it to the pages that it touched. I also really love looking at it from this angle. The pages I used were from a book that was published in 1911. I'm so glad I could re-purpose them into something new.

Thanks for coming by today. I hope you'll come back on Monday to see my Project Life spreads, and share your own in Karen's link up!
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