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Studio Calcio: Underground Card Kit

Good morning! Today I'm finally sharing the cards I made using the Studio Calico Underground card kit. I'll admit that I had planned to do this a lot sooner than now (the kit came out in October), but I would pull out the card kit, and look at the stamp and think to myself "What am I supposed to do with this?" I browsed the member gallery for inspiration, and usually came up empty handed. I don't make cards for Halloween, I wanted to use only the main card kit to make at least 9 cards before I used the add-ons. It definitely didn't work out that way. With the addition of the add-ons I was able to make 9 cards. I could have used the add-on stamps to create more, but I felt that just 9 that I could hopefully use, was better than 15 that will just sit their collecting dust.

The two photos above are from the same card. These little tags were the perfect size to hold a gift card, or some money, so I put a gift card into the top one. I stamped a sentiment above the opening so that when you remove the gift card you can see it.

When I first saw the compass wood veneer, I was thinking to myself "what would I ever use this for?" The member gallery had something similar to this, but I wanted to make a band around the bottom, so I stamped the sentiment in black and green ink.

I made this card using just the stamps. The circle looks like it was supposed to be the outline for the pumpkin, or maybe just an imperfect circle. I had fun creating this card.


I have a container full of flair on my desk, and I try to use as much of the extra embellishments as I can. Originally I had stamped "Darling" directly onto the background, but it didn't turn out so I covered it with a piece of white, and realized the whole thing was a little too close to the bottom, but worked with it anyways.

When I saw the patterned paper I used for this card, I immediately thought of bow ties. Hello Handsome seemed an obvious choice. I used a bit of the copper paper for the sentiment.

I wanted the thanks sentiment to look like it was part of the chevron pattern. The middle one was the one I did first, and it didn't turn out, but I'm pleased with the rest of it. On the top of the tag I stamped "I made this especially for you".

I had been browsing Instagram before I made this card and someone made a PL card by repeating a stamp. I love that Darling and one of the I miss you's stand out from the rest.

One of the add-on stamps, was this tea set. It's cute. I love the tea cup and the little teabag. I found a doily in my stash and three tries later, got the tea cup to turn out.

I wanted to quickly use the snowman stamp set as well. So I made a simple two-ball snowman and rubbed a blue ink pad along the bottom.

Does it make me a horrible person that I'm happy to just be finished with this kit? I don't use a kit until I run out of supplies (except once with an earlier kit that I just loved!), so most of the papers ended up in my stash. I can see a paper purge coming shortly.

Thanks for coming by to see these cards. My hope is to make a few cards using my stash. I miss just using my stash to make cards, but if I'm buying the card kit, I'm going to try and make a few cards with it instead of just letting it collect dust on my shelf.

Have a great day!


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