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Project Life | Week 34

Today I'm sharing my spread with an insert for Week 34. This was the week that I did Week In The Life. I didn't want to exclude this week from my regular Project Life album, but I also didn't want to repeat everything I wrote in Week In The Life. I chose a few photos from across the week that covered all the things we did that week, and I feel like it was adequate in telling the story of this week. Here's a look at the left side and the insert.

Here's the left side. I added some black chipboard alphas to the left 3x4 mostly for my own reference that this was the week of Week in the Life.

Here's a look at the front of the insert. I just love that windmill photo. They're beautiful, and it's awesome that they provide a ton of green energy as well! So excited that we're getting them in the area.

Here's the second half of the spread.
I love the city skyline, and added stickers to cover a car and a license plate. It's fine that it's covered, I didn't take the photo of the car, I took it of the city. I love the Calgary tower, and the skyscrapers, but also love the openness of living in the country. I'd thought about making the Giraffe card into a flip pocket and having a photo of the giraffe behind it, but this is the back of the page, which makes it a little harder to do.
I've used that rain photo on several projects, and I just love how it looks. Sorry for the red glare on the top pockets. We have Christmas lights around the window where I take my photos, and I never remember to unplug them to avoid the glare. On the favourite/least favourite card I included a few of my favourite things from the week (moment, quote, photo).

Thanks for coming by to see this spread. I hope you have a wonderful day!



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