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Project Life | Week 35

Today I'm sharing week 35 of my Project Life. This week was a little busier for us, between work and planning and hosting an event for Jon's nerd friends (super nice people).

Here's the left side. Captured the cutest photo of Gracie, and absolutely needed to include it. Made some red velvet cupcakes because it was one of our friends birthday's during our weekend event. I also had to make a few other baked goods, so borrowing the mixer was a huge help.

Here's the front of the insert. It basically covers the mess I made in my kitchen. Something that happens almost every time I bake, but it's still worth documenting. I added the final strip of the "not my day" overlay to the bottom photo.

Here's the second half. This covers the whole weekend (Friday-Sunday) and so much goodness happened in those days.

The back of the insert covers a couple of Jon's friends. Nathan (the top photo) and his wife Teri are two of Jon's closest friends, and were the fist of his friends that I met. They're loud, sweet, and hilarious. Their daughter is adorable, smart, and extremely competitive at boardgames she knows how to play. They've also become good friends to me, and we venture down to Calgary and try to at least have dinner with them when we visit the city.

The right side covers the rest of Provocon, and the family dinner we had with my family Sunday night. My nephew is the cutest and you can see the layout I made using that photo (here).

Thanks for coming by to see this spread. I hope you have a wonderful day!



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