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Favourites Friday | Bloggers

I've decided that since this is my blog, I can do whatever I'd like with it. I've decided (thanks to an idea from Kellie at Give a Girl a Blog) to create a monthly post in which I share a few of my favourite things. This won't just include my favourite crafty things. Food isn't crafty, and I'd like to include it in one of my lists.

Today I'm going to share a few of my favourite blogs. Most of them are related to scrapbooking, but not all of them. I love to read blogs by people who have similar interests as me, and in the case of most of these ladies, that means scrapbooking. Both Project Life, and traditional 12x12 pages.

Wilna Furstenburg of I Heart Studio
I fell in love with Wilna's Youtube videos, and love to read her blog now as well. I took her Heartfelt Christmas workshop, and loved it! I'm saving a bit of money to purchase all of her other worshops from her site, and I own most (if not all) of her cutfiles. I love her style so much, and I love being inspired by her weekly videos. She's encouraged me to accept mistakes, and step outside of my comfort zone and use paint on a few scrapbook pages.

Marcy Penner of Hello Forever
I fell in love with Marcy's videos for Two Peas in a Bucket before the closed down. I loved her Project Life style, and took a lot of inspiration from her when I started working on catching up with 2011-2013 Project Life style (still have plans to share those spreads at some point). I loved that she didn't use 4x6 or 3x4 photos very often, she embellished but didn't overpower her photos. I took her mini book workshop at Studio Calico last year, and loved that! I got so much amazing inspiration from her that I used in my 30 Days of Me mini album.

Kellie Winell of Give a Girl a Blog
I first discovered Kellie in a Project Life group (I think). I loved the clean and simple style of her Project Life pages. Then I discovered that she makes stamps and I loved her even more! I love that she does more than just scrapbook, and uses her blog to share things happening in her personal life.

Dana Fox of The WonderForest
I can't remember how I originally discovered Dana's blog. It was a long time ago, possibly through Pinterest, and possibly through a make up tutorial. I fell in love with all the tutorials she shared for various things from hair, to make up, to craft projects. I love her blog templates, and would love to one day feel that this blog is worth purchasing a custom template from her. I love that she has a blog, and Youtube channel full of blogging tips. Through that blog and her Youtube channel, she's helped me to create some ideas for my blog, and change a few things around (it's a constant work in progress).
Amie Lamm of Little Lamm & Co.
I first discovered Amie during the Pocket Source's RAK giveaway they had last year. I won a set of her digital cards (love them), and immediately fell in love with her shop. I started seeing her work show up all over the place (mostly in the Studio Calico member gallery), and I fell in love with her style. I love browsing her Instagram and seeing pictures of her adorable kids, and her beautiful Project Life pages!

Andrea Gray of RetroHipMama
I think I discovered Andrea in a Project Life group. She was linking a video tour of her Project Life organization. It was creative, and of course I love seeing how other people store/organize their supplies. Then she started doing process videos, and I fell in love with watching her work. I also love to see how people create layouts. I love her pages, they're full of love and creativity.

Stephanie Bryan of Stephanie Makes
I started following Stephanie on Instagram recently, and after watching a video of her Project Life album for January, I started reading her blog. I love that she's thinking outside the box, and documenting her life in whatever way she wants. I can't wait to see how she documents February, and the rest of the year. It's so creative!

Thank you for coming to check out some of my favourite bloggers. I'm always looking for additional blogs to read, so if you have any suggestions, feel free to leave links in the comments and I'll be sure to check them out!

Have a great weekend!


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