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One Little Word | January Prompts

Good morning! Today I'm going to share a little glimpse into my album for my One Little Word. I need to be honest and say that I didn't fill out my prompts and put them into my album until around the middle of January. The class opened on the 1st of January, and I listened to the video, read the message board, and tried to find my word. Like I shared in my post about my word (here), I actively searched for a word that I felt was inspiring. I soon realized that DO was speaking to me, and accepted that as long as my word inspired me, that was all that mattered.

I used the One Little Word stamp from the mini kit Ali created, and a little watercolor heart that says "Do" from the Amy Tangerine Stitched ephemera pack. As soon as I saw this, I knew I had chosen the right word. It couldn't have been more perfect!

Like Ali I love having a variety of sizes in my pages. I like to be able to see beyond the first page to what comes after. I have a love of little see-through pockets as well. Words can't even describe how much I love these first few pages behind my title page.

I cut a baseball card pocket page down like Ali did, and decided I would include a few recent photos (from present, to last summer), I added in a few quotes that I found on Pinterest, and printed them to fit in the remaining pockets. I added a "GO DO" foam sticker from Freckled fawn to a piece of clear plastic and slipped it into the top centre pocket.

Here's a shot of the pages that come after. The back side of my half page, and the prompts. I used the PNG files from the class downloads and typed out the definition, quotation and reason why to fit into a 6x8 pocket page.

On the back side of my baseball pocket page, I included two more selfies, three more quotes and a little foam star sticker to cover the back of the GO DO sticker from the other side.

Here's the back side of the 6x8 page. I used the PNG files again and typed out what I wanted to let go, and invite into my life. On the right side I just printed bout the other pages at 8.5 x 11 and wrote out all the notes I'd been making over the last two weeks. As I was writing, I tried not to over think things, and just wrote the things that were coming to my head.

Here's the final page of prompts. I highlighted the quotes I added that spoke to me in this section. The right side has some additional quotes I included to help motivate me whenever I needed some extra motivation to make my word visible.

I typed out each quote and printed it on watercolour paper. Then I got out my watercolours and painted away and didn't worry about how they looked. I love every one of them. More than I thought I would.

Here's the back side. I added more painted quotes here. I just need to find something to add to the circle in the centre pocket. I feel like all these extra quotes will help keep me motivated to let my word work some amazing magic in my life.

Thank you for coming by to see the beginning of my One Little Word binder. I purchased this WRMK - Grape Soda - binder from The colour is just perfect! I'm looking forward to continuing this journey with my word. It's only been a month since I chose my word, and I can already see it making a difference in my life. I'm so glad that I set aside my fears and decided to embark on this journey!

Have a great day!


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