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Craft Supply Haul

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Today I have more craft supplies to share with all of you!

I spend very little time browsing the Yardsale Facebook page for my town. However I've bought so many craft supplies from one lady that she's kind enough to inform me when she's selling items. Unfortunately I didn't seem them soon enough to snag more baby stamps, or her Cuttlebug and a TON of accessories for it, but I still managed to get a lot of other things, mostly stamps.

This massive purchase of over $300 of used craft supplies happened over the course of two days. I'm a little ashamed it went so overboard, but at least she knows I'll buy a lot of things so it makes informing me worth her while!

Here's the two bags of things I got the on Friday. There's a lot more in them, than you'd think.

Here's everything that was in the bag on the left. So much ribbon, a few stamps, flowers books, cartridges, and an embellishment kit. (more photos below)

Here's the Stampin' Up! punches that were in the bag on the right. I can't wait to use them for lots of things! I've always been a fan of Stampin' Up! products, so these will be a wonderful addition to my collection.

Here's the Craft Mates embellishment kit when it's closed. It snaps shut so you can take it with you, which will be perfect for when I do Christmas cards and have a bunch of little pieces I need to carry around.

Here's what it looks like open. It came with a whole bunch of embellishments. The rows slide out and each individual compartment opens on its own. So handy!

Here's what came in the top row. Large button brads, coloured paper clips, metal flower embellishments, I'm not entirely sure what's in the next one. It looks like those things on the back of picture frames that you spin out of the way so you can take the back off to put your photo in. Next to that is little square mirrors, and then little wooden buttons.

Here we have the second row. Little square brads in the first, second and last compartment. Mini clothes pins, large solid colour and patterned circle brads.

In the third row we have three compartments of coloured clips, white circle tags, two compartments of metal letters and more square brads.

Here's a close up of the letters and the square brads. I'm in love with the letters!

I did close ups of the fourth and final compartment so you could see the little pieces better. The first two compartments have more square brads (all of them are a different colour. I plan to move them into the same row), little flower brads, and large flower brads.

In the second half of the last compartment we have metal spirals, different metal flowers and an empty compartment.

Above we have all the ribbon and fibres that I also bought. They all came together, and now I feel the need to make a bunch of different ribbon flowers.

I do have a cricut, I just hardly ever use it. But I was hoping that with some new cartridges I'd use it more. So I picked these up. I also got the Home Accents one, but I already have it, so I'm giving it to someone who will get more use out of it than I will.

I was really excited about these sentiment books. They're full of great things for cards and she highlighted a few that were great for different things! Can't wait to go through and mark different things for future use.

I love using these flowers, so of course I bought all of the ones she had. I also love the two taller glass jars. They're beautiful!

On Friday I also bought a bunch of stamps. I bought the above letter and number set

I love these flowers! I want to pull out my watercolours to bring some colour to them!

I'm always looking for stamps I can use on my baby cards (this is missing one), and when I saw this was the only one not snatched up yet, I had to get it!

I love the hearts on this one, and the sentiments.

I want to do more with my background stamps, but I fail when it comes to actually using them. Any tips?

Love love love this one. The writing is in French, but I thought it was the prettiest thing!

On Saturday, I bought more stamps. I need to make more sympathy cards, so I got this set.

And this alphabet and number set which has upper and lower case letters.

I love Christmas. I love making Christmas cards and these are perfect, except that the 'Merry!' stamp is missing the wood block. I'll get Jon to cut me a piece that will work. Won't be the same, but I'm not going to harass her for a missing stamp and a missing block.

This is hard to see, but they're double sided words. 

Love these stamps! Perfect for simple cards!

These are just wonderful. I love stamps that make the card for something specific without necessarily being a sentiment.

These are great for making my own sentiment and I love the container they come in. It has ridges on the bottom to keep the stamps in place!

I just realized how much I bought in the last week. How am I not broke yet?

In other news, I want to buy a Silhouette Cameo. Does anyone have one? Do you prefer it over the Cricut, or do you prefer the Cricut? I hardly use my Cricut so I want something that I'll use more.

Have a wonderful Monday!


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