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More Happy Mail!

I was going to do a paper gift bag/box tutorial today, but I'm getting so frustrated with making it look a certain way, that I'm going to spend the weekend trying to perfect it before sharing it with all of you. So instead I'm going to let you all drool over the beautiful washitape I got in the mail today.

These six rolls were purchased from Scrapbook Daily Deals. They're from My Minds Eye (love their products! The three on the left (pink & grey) are from the Ruby set and the three on the right (blue, grey & yellow) are from the Oliver set. I love them both! 

Now I just need to get more washitape racks from Michaels and find a more effective way of organizing them so I don't have to move around a hundred rolls just to add in one or two.
If anyone has any ideas on how to better sort my washitape I'd love to hear it.

Here's a photo of how it's currently stored/organized in case you missed it on Tuesday (obviously need more racks). It sort of sorted by colour, but it's hard to tell because so many are stacked beside them. I was debating doing it by pattern (ie. stripes, chevron, polka dots, letters/words, solid colour, etc.), but since there are so many and there's so few that are actually the same it would be a mess.

Thanks for stopping by love! I'd love to hear your thoughts on anything crafty. Project suggestions, storage solutions, a new banner to hang on my wall, or a logo design of any kind!

Have a wonderful weekend! See you on Monday!


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