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Little Gift Basket

I was browsing Pinterest, again, looking for ideas and stumbled across this adorable little basket. The link took me to Sweet Anne (here).

I'll warn you in advance that I struggled with this a little. It wasn't looking the way I wanted it to, and I got frustrated and almost gave up, figuring that I could whip up a card really quick. (10 minutes or so. Yeah right!)

I downloaded her PDF printable file and printed it out on purple cardstock.

I cut it out and scored the dotted lines. 

After messing around with it for a good half hour, I finally went to the original tutorial (here), and used it to assemble my basket. It ended up looking like that when I was finished fighting with the pieces to stay where I wanted them.

I cut out an extra handle piece, and attached them to my basket using little white brads.

For those of you looking for a simpler way to do it, I would suggest simply using the original tutorial. You can adjust the size of your basket according to your needs using the original tutorial, and you can adjust your design to work for you. The printable was also missing a score line that the original tutorial suggested having in order to have a flat base.

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!
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