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Yellow & Grey Thank You

After sitting in my craft room for a couple of hours trying to figure out what I was going to make, then finally deciding that I would simply do a card while I tried to figure out a way to organize the blog and what I would post every day.

At first, I assumed it would be a birthday card, but because I've made so many of those recently, I decided upon making it a thank you card. The great thing about my cards is that until I put a sentiment on it, most of them could be anything they wanted.

I decided that I wanted it to be bright and fun and I found this card on Pinterest that used polka dots on the top and stripes on the bottom, then had a series of flowers across the middle. I made my version of that here. I decided that instead of using a bunch of flowers, I would use one paper flower made using white cardstock and washitape in colours to match the card. The grey border between the two was made with grey washitape on a strip of white paper. And the thank you for your thoughtfulness sentiment has the left and right edge inked with yellow ink to match the stripes it sits on. 

Have a wonderful weekend. See you all on Monday!


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