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Washitape Wednesday

I couldn't think of anything to post last night, and this morning I found a stack of letters I need to envelope and get in the mail, so I did a washitape envelope. It's super quick and simple.

Here's the envelope before I put the address label onto it. I used various shades of blue/teal.

I angled the address label so I wasn't completely hiding the washitape in the middle. I think I'm going to make more like this!

In other Washitape Wednesday news, Jon picked up a couple more racks (on top of the far right rack). I still need more to get all my multi-coloured rolls onto racks, but I'm happy with how it's starting to look. I'll get it all onto racks, and everything where I like it, and then we're going to move and I'll have to reorganize all over again!

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday. Don't forget to share your projects over at Crafting a Fairytale.


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